The photos are almost all taken by me with a Pentax K7 and 100mm macro lens.  Before December 2012 they were taken with a  ‘point and shoot’ camera – and that phrase pretty well described my technical skills in photography. For those who want to know, it’s a Sony Cybershot DSC W55, which boasts 7.2 megapixels.    I used the 3x optical zoom, and the macro facility quite a bit.  The quality may be limited, but it is easy to carry around.

Other photos were taken by my partner, Chaiselongue, with a Pentax K7 dslr.  I try to remember to credit her but don’t always succeed. You can find her blog, Olives and Artichokes, here.

Still other photos are cut and pasted from sites such as Wikipedia – this is usually obvious, but I should really point it out and give credit.

Should you want to use one of my photos, I would like you to ask my permission, for example in a comment.


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