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A life completed

There was only one. Emerging like a miracle from the sand dunes. I took this photo in March and gave it to her. She made it her wallpaper and it was the background to her work, her writing, her photos. I’m still not sure what it is, but I’m not going to carry on looking for it, or looking it up. I’m just going to look at it. Perfect and imperfect, on its way through life.

Teleri, or Chaiselongue, my partner for forty years, died suddenly of a heart attack at a moment of happiness and light on the morning of 6th July. I’ve not had the heart since then to think of working on this blog, but I do continue to be fascinated by how things grow and change, and I’d like to continue. The posts may be shorter and further apart for a while.

Teleri’s friends and contacts on the website have written wonderful tributes which you can find here.



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