Birthday at the bank


1 – Iris

On this day one year ago I started this blog – and the year has simply flown by. How to mark a first birthday? Most of us at that age just gurgle a bit then go to sleep. Tempting though that is today after a good lunch, I’ll carry on with the post.

Allium roseum - pink wild garlic

2 – Allium roseum – pink wild garlic

Over the year I’ve been fascinated by the trails which seem to open up behind each plant, trails marked out by language, history, science and imagination. I’d like to thank everyone who’s viewed the blog, and especially those who’ve been interested enough to subscribe as followers and/or leave comments.  The stats show that there have been to date nearly six thousand views (I’m writing the number this way to make it look bigger), or to put it another way, an average of almost a hundred people read each post.  I feel very happy to have the chance to share my enthusiasm with that many people.

Galactites tomentosa

3 – Galactites tomentosa

To mark the day and show my gratitude to followers and commenters I’d like to offer a couple of giveaways: first, I’ll send to all of you a list of plants featured in the first year, with Latin, English and French names, and dates when they were photographed and blogged. You can find this by going to the blog page and using ‘Search’ or by clicking on the list of categories, but I know I sometimes prefer to have info in print. Just delete the email headed ‘Plant list’ if you don’t want it.

Euphorbia characias - large Mediterranean spurge

4 – Euphorbia characias – large Mediterranean spurge

Second, the photos in this post are recent ones which haven’t made it to the blog. So this is a sort of exclusive offer: if you’d like a fairly large copy of any one of these photo files to print or use as a desktop background on your computer, tell me which one you’d like in a comment and I’ll send it to you. The full size photos are about 10 Mb which won’t go by email, but if you have or want Dropbox installed, I can send the full file that way.  Of course if you happen to want another image that has appeared during the year I could send that as an alternative.

I hope you like the new masthead picture – taken a few days ago on a bank on the road out of my village. You should be able to spot: Cistus albidus, Cistus monspeliensis, Euphorbia serrata, Galactites tomentosa, Tragopogon porrifolius, Thymus vulgaris, and Spartium junceum. Some have been on the blog, others will be soon.

Thanks again for keeping me company during the last year, and here’s the inevitable song as a masterclass in improvisation:




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12 responses to “Birthday at the bank

  1. Happy blogday and many happy returns to the entangled bank!

  2. Congratulations and Happy Birthday entangled bank 🙂

  3. Worth every second of time I spend here just to hear that amazing rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song…consider me forever in your debt :).

  4. Congratulations! Cent’ Anni!
    Really like your new masthead photo. I’ll take a bank of wildflowers over a sculptured garden every time.

    • I seems to take someone from Chicago to notice the new picture with the Cistus! They are amazing this year, maybe due to the damp spring, and yes, there is something about a natural plant community, which is what this ‘phytosociology’ is all about, apparently.

  5. Glad to have found your blog. We’re always looking for ideas for our little garden. We’ve planted euphorbia for the first time this year – very nice close up by the way.

    • Of course,I’ve heard from the room next door about your blog before now, but your comment prompts me to go and look. I hope you enjoy getting entangled over here too.

  6. Sorry I’m late
    Happy Blogoversary!!!
    Here’s to many more-I always learn so much from my visits…..thankyou x

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