Malta Wild Plants: signs of growth?

When I started this blog last May, one of the sites I had been inspired by was – I give details in the Resources section.  This site had then been online for ten years, the labour of love of a passionate Maltese botanist who had recorded details of around 1,000 species on the island, illustrated with some 11,000 stunning, high quality photos. For anyone who was interested in plants, it was a veritable treasure trove.

Then in July 2012 Matawildplants went offline. Though the site had over 30,000 visitors a month the man who ran the site had run out of sponsors, time and funds.  I contacted to ask what support bloggers like me could offer, and here is part of his reply I recently received:

Thank you for your email and encouragement. I am trying to save the website and seeking for financial sponsors or advertisement. I have the pleasure to inform you that I already found one and seeking for few others. I am asking sponsors for 500Eur and adverts for 120Eur a year. If you know someone who might be interested, please pass on the word.


So please help if you can, including spreading this message through your own contacts.  You can contact the site at

Coming up soon: Being a plant: it’s a lifestyle choice.




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2 responses to “Malta Wild Plants: signs of growth?

  1. If I wasn’t a penniless student hippy I would sponsor it myself. Blogs like this need to be supported, nurtured and remain out there for the people.

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